A common area between pods at the Champaign County satellite jail in east Urbana on March 11, 2013.

Gov’t Watch: Lack of pre-trial release program halts progress at county jails

By Klaudia Dukala/For CU-CitizenAccess.org — When consultant Alan Kalmanoff was conducting his assessment on the Champaign County jails, he noticed inmates with mental health problems were “decomposing” because of the lack of medications available to them. Now, Kalmanoff, executive director of the Institute for Law & Policy Planning, based in Berkeley, Calif., said first steps have been taken to combat the problem. Kalmanoff, a consultant hired by Champaign County to assess the county’s criminal justice system, presented a 272-page report to County Board members in September 2013. In his report, Kalmanoff criticized the county for its treatment of mental health inmates at both the downtown jail, at 204 E. Main St., and the satellite jail, at 502 S. Lierman Ave., in Urbana. The report stated the jails didn’t have the proper “… resources to house, and sometimes segregate, [the mental health] population as necessary to provide for their care.”

Parts for cooking methamphetamine sit inventoried on the floor. Such parts are typical of the makeshift laboratories police are finding across the state.

A tale of one meth lab

Beginning in June 2012, drug task force agents tracked 78 occasions when people who had recently purchased pseudoephedrine arrived at Tena Logan’s residence in Loxa, Ill., according to a written statement by FBI task force officer Scott Standerfer, in the case against Logan.

Michael Pasley cooking meth at unknown date and location.

Meth use on the rise again in Illinois

This past summer, Tena Logan of Loxa, Ill., was convicted of conspiring to manufacture 50 grams or more of methamphetamine and possessing it with intent to distribute.

Earlier this year, Michael Pasley of Mattoon, Ill., was released from the Illinois Department of Corrections after serving more than two years for manufacturing meth.