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About this project:

For the past five years, Champaign Urbana Public Health District officials have discussed ways to best publicize restaurant inspections.

In 2011, began posting full inspection reports of all restaurants that failed routine health inspections since 2008.

Last year, health officials released an online search tool that allows the public to access all health inspection reports of food service.

As a service, we continue to post the full reports of failed health inspections as part of our searchable, interactive map.

Access the map, stories and other content on this issue here.

A screenshot showing the application for searching local events on Facebook.
A screenshot showing the application for searching local events on Facebook.
As part of an ongoing project called Intersections, we are working on digital tools that help the community see the events and issues first publicized, and sometimes only publicized, through social media. We hope this can increase community engagement and conversations on those events and issues.
With help of grants from foundations, the digital team at has been working on a project called "Intersections" — a project that allows citizens to see how social media intersects with their lives every day and in every way, including events, policies, ideas, opinions or decisions.
We are offering a beta (in progress) version of one of the parts of the early stages of our work in which we gather information from Facebook to locate events and topics of interest in Champaign-Urbana.

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In the seven Medicare-certified nursing homes in Champaign County alone, inspectors from the Illinois Department of Public Health conducted at least 114 complaint-based inspections.
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By Robert Holly/ -- For many, nursing homes seem like the best option for aging family members because facilities offer the promise of 24-hour care.
It is a promise, though, that many Champaign County and central Illinois nursing homes are finding hard to keep because of understaffing, particularly when it comes to registered nurses.