Movement in plans for redevelopment of Bristol Place Neighborhood

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The City of Champaign approved an intergovernmental agreement Tuesday night with the Housing Authority of Champaign County for the first phase of the redevelopment of Bristol Place Neighborhood.

This first phase includes relocating residents and buying and clearing residential property in the Bristol Park area, which is an area bounded by Bradley Avenue to Shadow Wood Mobile Home Park, Market Street and a set of railroad tracks to the east. According to a city resolution, there are about 80 structures within the area, mostly residential.

The Housing Authority approved a draft intergovernmental agreement on Nov. 15, according to city documents.  The Housing Authority would contribute just over $1 million for the first phase of the project to help with relocation efforts, according to city documents.

This move received earlier criticism from low-income housing advocates, who protested that doing so would take away housing opportunities for the neediest Champaign residents.

Yet a small group of Bristol Place residents who attended the city council meeting Tuesday night said they were happy the plan is moving forward.

The next phase includes plans to develop the area into affordable housing as part of a tri-party effort between the City of Champaign, the Housing Authority and a mutually accepted developer.

The relocation process is estimated to take three years but city staff will begin interviewing affected residents in early January. The first purchases aren’t expected until July.

Champaign City Council members also approved an amendment to the Bristol Park Neighborhood Plan to reflect the agreement with the Housing Authority.


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