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From the late 1800s to late 1900s, Champaign-Urbana was home to at least a dozen different opera houses, movie palaces and independent theaters, which attracted historic celebrities like Mark Twain, Frederick Douglass, Harry Houdini and the Marx Brothers.

The map below compiles some of the theaters in downtown Champaign. Click on the blue markers for more information.

Some of the old theatres and “opera houses” in Champaign include:

Barrett Hall/Swannell’s Opera House (1865)

1 E. Main St.

Currently: One Main, Big Grove Tavern, KoFusion.

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Eichberg Opera House (1872-1895)

22 E. Main St.

Currently: National City Bank drive-through.

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Walker Opera House (1887-1917)

201 N. Neil St.

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Varsity/Illini Theatre (1906-1983)

51 E. Main St.

Currently: The Highdive.

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Lyric Theater (1911-1919)

303 N. Neil St.

Currently: M2 building, Destihl.

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Park Theater/The Art Theater (1913-present)

126 W. Church St.

Currently: The Art Theater.

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Theatre Belvoir/The Rialto (1915-1978)

121 W. Church St.

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New Orpheum Theatre (1914-1986)

346 N. Neil St.

Currently: The Orpheum Children’s Science Museum.

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Virginia Theatre (1921-present)

203 W. Park Ave.

Currently: The Virginia Theatre

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