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Two Champaign restaurants failed inspections in March
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By Pam G. Dempsey/ — Two restaurants failed restaurant inspections in March, according to the latest health inspection records released this month.

The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District inspected more than 120 food establishments and restaurants in March and scored them on a range from 0 to 100.

Additional points are deducted for critical violations and repeat violations and can push a score below 0.

An adjusted score below 36 is considered failing and a score below 0 means automatic suspension of a health permit.

Big JJ Fish and Chicken, 1114 N. Market St., Champaign, netted an adjusted score of 24 on March 26, 2013, for five critical violations including using common cloth towels to dry hands, an employee who didn’t wash his hands before putting on a pair of single-use gloves and fly strips with an “accumulation of bugs” that were hanging from the ceiling above food storage. The problems were corrected on site.

Minneci’s Ristorante, 401 S. First St., Champaign, received an adjusted score of 30 for four critical violations on March 28, 2013, including unsifted batter on a prep table at room temperature and a “large quantity of mouse droppings” found in a back room storage area underneath shelving units. The problems were corrected on site.

Both restaurants are scheduled to be re-inspected within 30 days.


About this story:

For the past five years, Champaign Urbana Public Health District officials have discussed ways to best publicize restaurant inspections.

Health inspection reports of restaurants and food facilities are available by request from the health department. In June, the health department also began posting a monthly list of all inspected food facilities and the current status.

In 2011, began posting full inspection reports of all restaurants that failed routine health inspections since 2008.

As a service, we continue to post the full reports of failed health inspections as part of our searchable, interactive map.

All health inspection reports and scores of all food establishments can be reviewed on our latest interactive map.

On the health department’s new online report system restaurant health permits labeled “general compliance” have received a passing 36 percent or higher. Restaurant health permits labeled “re-inspection” received scores below 36. Restaurant health permits labeled “suspended” were automatically shut down for scores below 0. Restaurant health permits labeled “inactive” means that the restaurant owner voluntarily closed down the restaurant.

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