Weekly RoundUp: Immigration

The C-U Immigration Forum organized a candelight vigil and march in Champaign, Ill. this week to show support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, over two dozen local organizations and congregations planned to take part in the “Light the Pathway to Citizenship – Don’t Block It” event.

This is just one of several events going on across the country, including in the nation’s capital.

Here is a look at some recent reports about the national march and the issues surrounding immigration reform.

Thousands expected to march for immigration reform Wednesday – MSNBC

“Thousands of advocates are expected to descend on the nation’s capital Wednesday afternoon to press for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship.

The demonstration, dubbed the “Time is Now” rally by its organizers, is the brainchild of the immigrant community group Casa de Maryland and the labor union SEIU 32BJ, which represents service workers such as janitors, security guards, and food service employees. The two host organizations are members of a national pro-reform coalition called the Alliance for Citizenship.”

Expanded immigration would reduce the federal deficit, some conservatives say – The Washington Post

“Conservative champions of opening the flow of legal immigration into the United States are invoking economics in hopes of winning Republican lawmakers’ support — specifically, the idea that more immigration will increase growth and cut the federal budget deficit.

The American Action Forum, a conservative think tank, will release an analysis on Tuesday that projects that an overhaul of immigration laws could boost gross domestic product growth by a percentage point each year over the next decade. That growth would produce tax revenue that would reduce federal deficits by a combined $2.5 trillion, according to the group’s president, the economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin.”

Immigration Overhaul ‘Feels Unstoppable Now,’ Backers Say – NPR

“Thousands of supporters will descend on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to call for legislation that creates a path to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally.

Sound familiar?

But this time, unlike in 2007 and 2010 when immigration legislation died in Congress after similar demonstrations, proponents of an overhaul say politics has swung inexorably toward their side.

“I’ve been working on this issue for more than a decade, and it feels unstoppable now,” says Ana Avendano, director of immigration and community action at the AFL-CIO.”

Gang of Eight aiming to unveil immigration reform bill Thursday – The Hill

“A bipartisan group of eight senators is aiming to release comprehensive immigration reform legislation on Thursday, according to Senate sources.

One member of the group said the bill is virtually complete and that the plan is to roll it out this week, but he warned it could slip into next week.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a leading member of the group, confirmed the members are hoping to unveil the legislation before lawmakers leave town for the weekend.”

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