Weekly RoundUp: Mental Health

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Students stand outside a bookstore at the University of Illinois in August 2015.

This week the Obama administration launched a new website – mentalhealth.gov – as part of a conference to raise awareness and create a discussion about mental health issues. The conference focused on discussions about reducing the stigma of mental health disorders and encouraging those suffering to seek help.

CU-CitizenAccess has published several stories on mental health issues facing college students. Below is a roundup of past coverage.

Demand still up for college counseling services

“In the wake of Sandy Hook and other school shootings of recent years, gun control advocates – and some politicians, including President Obama – have renewed a push for changes to existing gun laws.

Yet others say that mental health services, rather than gun reform, should be the focus.”

College counseling centers face ‘perfect storm’, expert says

“With student enrollment on the rise and with students coming in with more severe mental health issues, campus counseling centers are seeing an increase in a demand for services.”

University campus struggles to meet growing demand for mental health services

“The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is seeing more demand for mental health services but is struggling to meet that demand.

More of the university’s students are on psychiatric medication and more students are diagnosed with severe issues such as depression and anxiety than in years past.”

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