Food served in Champaign County nursing homes and extended care facilities pass inspections

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A picture of a proposed color-coded placard that indicates compliance with local public health ordinances. Public Health officials are looking at ways to make inspection results more public.

By Acton Gorton/CU-CitizenAccess – Some good news for retirees living in Champaign County nursing homes: none of the in-house kitchens and dining facilities have failed health inspections in the past two years.

The best scoring nursing home is Illini Heritage Rehab and Health Care Center, located at 1315B Curt Dr. in Champaign, with an average score of 93.5 points.

And while not having failed any inspections, the worst score belongs to the Champaign County Nursing Home, located at 500 S. Bartell Dr. in Urbana, with an average score of 59.5 points.

To fail a health inspection, a dining establishment must score less than 36 points out of 100 during an inspection.

As a part of an ongoing look into the quality of eating establishments in Champaign County, routinely requests inspection records from the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. originally requested only failed inspections dating from 2007, but began collecting all health inspections in 2012.

To see which restaurants have failed inspections, visit our online application at

Nursing and Extended Care Facilities

Nursing and extended care facilities located in Champaign County are listed below, along with their recent inspections.

To see how these facilities rank according to federal Medicare guidelines, visit


Champaign County Nursing Home
500 S. Art Bartell Dr.
Urbana, IL 61802

Inspection Date Score
4/6/12 65
8/29/12 54
12/3/12 57
4/11/13 62
Average 59.5


Champaign Urbana Nursing & Rehabilitation
302 W. Burwash Ave.
Savoy, IL 61874

Inspection Date Score
1/20/2012 88
5/10/2012 86
9/27/2012 77
5/28/2013 70
Average 80.25


Clark-Lindsey Village
101 W. Windsor Rd.
Urbana, IL 61801

Inspection Date Score
3/26/2012 81
8/3/2012 56
11/19/2012 60
4/18/2013 71
Average 67


Country Health
R.R. 1, Box 14
Gifford, IL 61847

Inspection Date Score
4/3/2012 81
8/21/2012 77
11/30/2012 79
4/25/2013 92
Average 82.25


Heartland Health Care Center
309 E. Springfield Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820

Inspection Date Score
1/25/2012 78
5/21/2012 93
9/11/2012 87
Average Score 86






Helia Healthcare of Champaign
1915 S. Mattis Ave.
Champaign, IL 61821

Inspection Date Score
1/18/2012 92
5/13/2012 78
9/6/2012 79
1/15/2013 76
Average 81.25


Illini Heritage Rehab & Healthcare
1315B Curt Dr.
Champaign, IL 61820

Inspection Date Score
1/24/2012 94
4/26/2012 90
8/20/2012 95
5/6/2013 95
Average 93.5


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