Restaurants temporarily closed in June for failing health inspections have similar history

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Example of a color-coded placard that restaurants would be required to post under a proposed plan to make inspection results more public. Red means that the restaurant's health permit was suspended following a health inspection.

Three of the five restaurants that failed health inspections in June were temporarily closed over multiple repeat violations and failures.

One restaurant, Main St. Wingery II in Mahomet, had 18 repeat violations that helped net it a score of -20 on its June 18 health inspection.

Another restaurant, Cravings, 603 S. Wright St., Champaign, failed five out of its last seven routine health inspections prompting health officials to shut it down until the restaurant passed reinspection eight days later.

Restaurants fail if they score 35 or below. If they score below zero they are automatically closed down. Restaurants with a failing score upon reinspection are also closed down.

For the past five years, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District officials have worked on a plan to make health inspection results more public. In 2011, CU-CitizenAccess began posting failed health inspection reports on its website.

Last year, the public health district began posting a monthly list of all the food establishments inspected and the status of the inspection on its website.

Health officials are now moving forward with a plan to require restaurant owners, as well as other food establishment owners, to publicly post a color-coded placard based on the results of health inspections. The plan is still under draft and will be reviewed by the joint boards of health once completed.

Main St. Wingery II, 101 N. Lombard, Mahomet, failed its health inspection in May with a score of 21.

On a follow up inspection on June 18, inspectors found seven critical violations that included a large amount of flies in the kitchen around the dish machine and cookline.

But it was the 18 repeat violations that shoved the score to -20.

Inspectors closed the restaurant down.

During the subsequent reinspection the very next day, health officials found sliced cheese that was molded – a new critical violation.

The new score was 6 and the restaurant remained closed.

On June 20, inspectors passed the restaurant with an 84 and it was allowed to reopen.

Cravings, 603 S. Wright St., Champaign, was temporarily closed after it failed its fifth health inspection of the past seven routine inspections.

During its June 17 inspection, officials found six critical violations and three repeat violations, including cooked and cooled foods, such as chicken and tofu. The restaurant is not allowed to cook and cool foods.

The restaurant was closed for eight days. Inspectors reopened the restaurant after it scored a 75 on its reinspection.

Hardee’s, 1703 S. Neil St., Champaign, failed its reinspection with a score of 26 following a routine inspection in May.

The restaurant was first inspected in May and failed that inspection with a score of 15.

During a reinspection on June 20, inspectors cited Hardee’s for 10 repeat violations and four critical violations, including a “large amount of flies were found in areas through the facility.”  It scored 26.

Because it failed its reinspection, health officials closed the restaurant down. The restaurant scored a 97 on a reinspection the very next day and allowed to reopen.

Two restaurants – Peking Garden, 206 N. Randolph, Champaign, and Mandarin Wok, 403 1/2 Green St., Champaign  – failed health inspections in June but were allowed to remain open.

Peking Garden netted a score of 12 during an inspection on June 3 for five critical violations and 12 repeat violations.

Critical violations included a sink used to thaw meat and then an employee who was observed washing and rinsing a tray in the same sink without sanitizing it.

Mandarin Wok netted a score of 33 on its June 5 health inspection for five critical violations and five repeat violations.

The critical violations included “rodent droppings and yellow stains in the “light shield above the walk-in cooler” and potentially hazardous foods out of safe temperature ranges.

Both restaurants are set for a reinspection within 30 days.

About this story:

For the past five years, Champaign Urbana Public Health District officials have discussed ways to best publicize restaurant inspections.

Health inspection reports of restaurants and food facilities are available by request from the health department. In June 2012, the health department also began posting a monthly list of all inspected food facilities and the current status.

In 2011, began posting full inspection reports of all restaurants that failed routine health inspections since 2008.

As a service, we continue to post the full reports of failed health inspections as part of our searchable, interactive map.

On the health department’s new online report system restaurant health permits labeled “general compliance” have received a passing 36 percent or higher. Restaurant health permits labeled “re-inspection” received scores below 36. Restaurant health permits labeled “suspended” were automatically shut down for scores below 0. Restaurant health permits labeled “inactive” means that the restaurant owner voluntarily closed down the restaurant.

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