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Unsafe food temperatures contribute to three failed restaurant inspections in August
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By Pam G. Dempsey/CU-CitizenAccess –Three area restaurants failed health inspections in August according to new data released this month.

Inspectors found broken coolers and equipment and food out of safe temperature ranges in each restaurant.

One restaurant was temporarily closed after inspectors found multiple violations, including raw chicken out of safe temperature ranges stored in a broken cooler.

Tasty Fish, Chicken & Grill, 705 N. Neil St., Champaign, lost its food permit on Aug. 30 after inspectors gave it an adjusted score of -15 percent. The restaurant had 12 critical violations and one repeat violation.

Critical violations included several food items such as gyro meat, cut tomatoes, and both raw and cooked chicken out of safe temperature. The restaurant was also using broken coolers, which were condemned for use.

Employees were also seen either not washing their hands or not using soap when washing their hands. Inspectors also observed an “excessive amount of flies” in the kitchen.

Restaurants fail if they score 35 or below. If they score below zero they are automatically closed down. Restaurants with a failing score upon reinspection are also closed down.

Tasty Fish, Chicken & Grill was allowed to reopen on Sept. 5 after netting an adjusted score of  86 percent.

A broken cooler with food out of safe temperature ranges were also problems noted at Red Wheel Restaurant, 741 Broadmeadow Rd., Rantoul.

Inspectors gave the restaurant an adjusted score of 26 percent on Aug. 13 after citing it for four critical violations and 14 repeat violations.

Critical violations included cooked grits and cooked sausages that were out of safe temperature ranges as well as a broken cooler with food also out of safe temperature ranges.

The restaurant was allowed to remain open and slated to be reinspected within 30 days.

Culver’s, 903 W. Marketview Dr, Champaign, failed its health inspection last month with an adjusted score of 14.

Inspectors cited the restaurant for five critical violations and nine repeat violations on Aug. 20.

Critical violations included pre-cooked chicken and ground beef and cut tomatoes and mayonnaise out of safe temperature ranges. The problem was due to a broken cooler that went out the night before.

An employee was observed washing hands without soap.

The restaurant was slated to be reinspected within 30 days.

For the past five years, public health officials have worked on a plan to make health inspection results more public. In 2011, CU-CitizenAccess began posting failed health inspection reports.

As a service, we continue to post the full reports of failed health inspections as part of our searchable, interactive map.

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