Weekly RoundUp: Government Shutdown

The United States Congress faces a tight deadline as the threat of a possible government shutdown on October 1 looms ever closer.

Last week the Republican-led House of Representatives passed a bill to keep the government running if Obamacare is defunded.

This week the Democratic-led Senate is vowing to remove the provision to defund Obamacare as it debates the bill. The Senate vote is expected to happen on Sunday. House Republican leaders will then vote to accept the Senate bill or precipitate a shutdown.

An article on CNN.com lists 10 ways a government shutdown could impact Americans. “Federal agencies have to use up time, energy and resources to plan for one. Shutting down and then reopening the government also costs money.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the two previous shutdowns — in late 1995 and early 1996 — cost the country $1.4 billion.”

Here’s a look at how the possible government shutdown is making news in Illinois.


Illinois Congressmen Say Government Shutdown Likely, Blast Republicans For 'Playing Politics' – Progress Illinois

“Following the U.S. House's vote to fund the federal government on the condition that the Affordable Care Act be defunded is leading many lawmakers to believe that the likelihood of a government shutdown is becoming increasingly more probable.”


 Poll: Majority Says Shutdown Federal Government to Cut Obamacare Funding – The Illinois Observer

 “Poll: A majority of American voters supports a federal government shutdown in order to cut funding for Obamacare, according to a new survey.

The polls says 51% of voters favor a government shutdown until Democrats and Republicans agree on what spending for President Barack Obama’s health care reform law to cut. Forty percent (40%) would rather avoid a government shutdown by authorizing spending for the health care law at existing levels.”


Davis touts re-election bid, anti-Obamacare vote – The State Journal-Register

"U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, who voted with House colleagues on Friday to continue government operations but defund the health law known as Obamacare, described that action Monday as a way to avoid a government shutdown.”

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