Health violations lead to temporary closure of Champaign Country Club kitchen

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The Champaign Country Club on May 23, 2016. Public health inspectors temporary closed the club's kitchen in early May after citing several critical violations.

Health officials shut down the food facility at The Champaign Country Club this month after inspectors found more than two dozen violations.

The club received an adjusted score of negative 6 during the routine inspection on May 11 and was immediately closed, according to Champaign-Urbana Public Health District records.

In its previous inspection on Dec. 9, the club was allowed to stay open with a score of 1, though it failed after an inspector cited it for seven critical violations and 24 non-critical violations.

It was allowed to remain open because the adjusted score did not dip below 0, which is the threshold for closure. The club scored a 72 on its re-inspection on Dec. 16.

Inspections are scored on a scale of 0 to 100 and adjusted for repeat violations and critical violations – or violations that can affect the health and safety of consumers. Adjusted scores below 36 are failed. Food facilities that score below 0 are automatically closed.

If an inspector cites a violation that poses an immediate danger, such as a raw sewage leak, then the facility will be shut down, regardless of the inspection score.

On May 11, the health inspector cited the private club for 11 critical violations including molded prosciutto in a walk-in cooler and a dish machine that did not have sanitizer. The club was cited five times for either storing potentially hazardous foods, such as goat cheese, cut tomatoes and guacamole, out of safe temperature ranges, or failing to mark food with a time or date label.

The inspector also found a reach-in cooler with an air temperature warmer than the required safe temperature range.

The club was cited for 14 non-critical violations that included a dirty slicer blade, broken hand sinks in the women’s restroom that were spraying water from the base of the faucets, dirty floors below equipment throughout the facility – such as below a walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer – and mold on the walls in the basement beer walk-in cooler.

The club was closed May 11 and required to post a red closure notice.  It re-opened May 13 after the club staff met with public health district officials that morning and submitted a list of corrective actions to address the violations. The club was re-inspected shortly thereafter and scored a 98 on its re-inspection.

“We work hard to be in compliance, and we’ll work with the district to make sure we stay in compliance,” said Chris Collins, general manager of the Champaign Country Club, last week. “We are very proud of our kitchen.”


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