Search the Champaign County property tax database by owner name

Champaign County officials have intentionally prevented the public from searching property records by owners’ names although nearly every other county in Illinois provides that service. 

However, the property database can be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and CU-CitizenAccess has acquired four years of property data. As a public service, CU-CitizenAccess has created a simplified, searchable version of the database available for the public, for free, to look up any property in Champaign County by owner name.

Tax Years 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020 are all searchable.

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Champaign County still prevents online name searches of property records, differing from most Illinois counties. Now it plans to limit searching mobile home properties.

In 2018, Champaign County had the chance to allow the public to search property records on its website by an owner’s name when it adopted new software used by many...

Champaign County’s removal of property tax search by name sought by officials seeking privacy, but decision confounds other assessors

Champaign County eliminated the ability for a person to search property tax records by an owner’s first and last name in 2018's new tax system, despite almost every other county...

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