Zero Percent uses social media to eliminate food waste

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By Michelle Hagopian/For CU-CitizenAccess — Want to help eliminate food waste? There’s an app for that.

Zero Percent, a project started early last year by computer science students Adam Carney and Rajesh Karmani, seeks to help businesses achieve zero food waste. What started as a local campaign has expanded nationally, and the mission and its site ( have produced quite the buzz.

Businesses like Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa Del’s and Jamba Juice participate in the project.

Redesign Agency worked with Zero Percent to create an app for smartphones. It allows businesses to enter instant deals on their excess food, and the app itself is extremely basic and user-friendly.

Zero Percent has taken to social media to get the word out. Its 638 followers on Facebook are notified of deals that Zero Percent posts on its page’s wall. For example, “Beef Burrito for $1 (regular $3.49) at Cocina Real on University Avenue until 10pm.”

The project “likes” local venues on Facebook.

Since its inception, Zero Percent has now taken on community groups, with the mission of linking excess food to food pantries.

County Board member Patsi Petrie is also considering the technology to better connect local farmers with consumers.

Interested? Download the app for Android and iPhone at

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