Weekly RoundUp: Immigration

A delegation of immigration experts from Russia are scheduled to visit Champaign-Urbana this week through the US-Russia Civil Society Partnership Program.

They are guests of Chicago Mayor Rahm Immanual and will be visiting a local jail, an immigration detention center and federal and county courts.

Their trip to Champaign-Urbana will include a tour of how the Midwest handles the reception, integration and detention of immigrants.

As the immigration debate swirls on, here’s a look at what others are saying this week about the issue:

Another side of illegal immigration – LA Times

“Unlike their parents, who generally remain silent and live in fear and shame, young Asians and Pacific Islanders are joining to advocate immigration reform.”

In immigration fight, farm visas provide opening – USA Today

“Farmers need more workers to harvest crops but say H2A visas that could help them are tangled in red tape. This issue could be a springboard for comprehensive immigration change.”

A senate plan alters waiting period for immigration – New York Times

“The nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants would have to wait a full decade for a green card but could earn citizenship just three years after that, under a provision being finalized by a bipartisan group of eight senators working to devise an overhaul ofimmigration law, several people with knowledge of the negotiations said.”

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