Weekly RoundUp: Concealed-Carry

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This week Illinois passed a law that gives a concealed-carry permit to anyone who has passed a background check, taken a 16-hour gun-safety training course and owns a Firearm Owner’s Identification card. The permit costs $150.

According to a news report from Illinois Public Media, all lawmakers from east central Illinois backed the override of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of the concealed-carry legislation.

Illinois is the last state in the nation to pass a concealed-carry law, and, as the roundup of articles below shows, its passage did not come without controversy.

Illinois enacts nation’s final concealed-gun law – The State Journal-Register

“Illinois joined the rest of the nation Tuesday by authorizing its residents to carry concealed weapons.

Both the House and Senate voted to reject changes Gov. Pat Quinn wanted to the concealed-carry law that was crafted after months of negotiations.

Illinois Concealed Carry Law Enacted As State Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto – The Huffington Post

“The last holdout on allowing the public possession of concealed guns, Illinois joined the rest of the nation Tuesday as lawmakers raced to beat a federal court deadline in adopting a carry law over Gov. Pat Quinn’s objections.

Massive majorities in the House and Senate voted to override changes the Democratic governor made just a week ago in an amendatory veto.”

State police get six months to create rules for gun permits – The News-Gazette

“Illinois now has a concealed carry law but that doesn’t mean that citizens can carry concealed weapons.

That’s going to take at least six months.

“Concealed carry is the law but there is a six-month waiting time now to allow the state police and other agencies to, for lack of a better term, get themselves organized and get their bureaucratic networks and processes up and running,” said Sen. Dale Righter, R-Mattoon, a supporter of the legislation. “The law sets up a process by which people can get (concealed carry) permits. It doesn’t automatically just grant people those permits.””

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