Rising Champaign housing complaints detail violations; Champaign Park Apartments received most in past two years

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Champaign Park Apartments received the most complaints in Champaign from January 1, 2021 to mid February 2023. During this time, 393 units were condemned by the city.

Over the past year, Champaign Park Apartments had so many serious inspection issues that led to the condemnation of 393 units and an unknown, larger number of tenants that had to be moved into hotels temporarily. 

But the apartment complex, located at 201 S Country Fair Drive and parts of White Street, received the most complaints in the past two years — 170 records with many complaining about having no heat or hot water. A portion of the complaints were made under the previous ownership, which changed in February last year.

Date range: January 1, 2021 to February 13, 2023.

CU-CitizenAccess reviewed over two years worth of property complaints kept by Champaign from January 1, 2021 to February 13, 2023, which were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request. The 1,307 housing complaints included significant issues such as no heating, plumbing malfunctions, water leaks, mold and no running water, along a multitude of various other problems tenants encountered.

Complaints increased 30% from 2021 to 2022, going from 520 to 679. 

Green Street Realty received the second highest number of complaints, according to city records, with 48 filed to the city. The complaints included water leaks, absence of heat and fire safety issues at various locations.

The realty company is owned by Chris Saunders and their main offices are located at 411 West University Avenue in Champaign according to the Secretary of State website. Green Street Realty and its associated companies have become one of the biggest landlords in Champaign. 

Champaign Code Compliance Manager Tim Spear said Green Street Realty is generally responsive when the city informs them of maintenance issues.

Countrybrook Affordable properties received the third-highest number of complaints, with at least 40 formal complaints filed. These complaints include animal intrusion, plumbing backup, water leaks, ceiling damages, bed bugs and air conditioning malfunctions. 

Countrybrook Affordable LLC is based out of Maryland, with its head office based as well. Property records show the LLC bought out the previous owners of the property at 2548 W Springfield Avenue in 2020. Most of their complaints came from their buildings located along West Springfield Avenue.

Among the other landlords with a high number of complaints were MGDG Washington LLC with 23 complaints, Mattis IL LLC with 16 and UIUC Student SLM with 15.

Court case ongoing between city and condemned apartments owners

Champaign Park Apartments has been frequently in the news over the past eight months.

Spear said the apartments were condemned by the city beginning in November 2022 because they had no heating, a requirement for tenants in Champaign. They soon reopened, but were shut back down in late December and early January.

Currently, about 80% of the 393 units remain condemned for occupancy as of mid-June, Spear said.

The displacement of so many residents to hotels and other accommodations has cost the city just under $250,000 — and it intends to pursue the full amount in its ongoing court case. Spear said about $167,000 has been repaid to the city so far. 

“We weren’t in contact with every tenant despite our best efforts,” Spear said. “The approximate number of households affected was 150-165. The number of tenants was higher than this, but we don’t have information on how many tenants were in each unit.”

County property tax records for the apartments link back to the address 201 S Country Fair Drive, which was owned by Champaign Park Apartments, LLC until it was sold in February last year. This April, the LLC was terminated according to the Secretary of State website. It was previously managed by Adam Glickman of AMG Realty Group based in Skokie, about 148 miles away from Champaign.

The new owner, Champaign Apartments Owner, LLC, is not based in the state. It’s owned by Michael Chetrit of the Chetrit Group and Chetrit Ventures and has a listed address on the Secretary of State website of 512 Seventh Avenue in New York City, about 836 miles away from Champaign.


The Chetrit Group is known for real estate ventures around the country, and had a recent project in Miami, Florida.

According to Mick Woolf of the C-U Tenant Union, the city has had to take the previous owners of the Champaign Park apartments to court twice. 

“You had a variety of things that went on there in terms of building code violations and condemnations… whether it be heat or water or just the premises,” Woolf said.

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  1. Tiffany Smith

    My apartment had a condemned notice as well but I got up out of there the end of September last year.

  2. Adair Robinson

    I stayed there from March 2020 until June 2023. During that time the complex had 3 different owners and property managers. I filed so many complaints for poor living conditions and air conditioning and nothing was done. As soon as I leave the entire complex gets condemned and everyone gets free housing. Just my luck

    1. A1218

      Yes, we were real lucky that our apartments flooded, due to the pipes busting, because there was no heat; during a winter storm. And it’s not as if the people effected lived in four star hotels. Everybody still had to find their own housing.

  3. Phontez

    Me and a family member are unfortunately still there now they never fix anything and the crew hired is just stealing and sucking up erc money! We need help finding another place can anyone help tphontez@gmail.com please

  4. Shatekia T

    We were moved out in last year because our building was condemned first. Heat wasn’t working and roaches in apartments and the hallway. My rent was $950 in a 2bd room with bugs. I came back to get my belongings and the new maintenance stole my tables and dressers I came back to get. One of the tables was for my son’s ashes. This is the worst place I ever lived.

  5. Perry Williams

    They have not did only one repair in my apt and I am still waiting for them to do the rest it 2 months now and I am still waiting

  6. Regina Blair

    I pay my rent on time every month which is $825 a month I’ve been here since July of last year 2023 up until the last couple months fees have been added to my account I don’t know where they come from and they refuse to take them off I have no idea what they’re for I’m still experiencing roaches my air conditioner don’t work I have Burns in my floor I have holes in the screen which I have to put my mail over the hole so the squirrels won’t crawl in order nuts won’t keep coming in with that getting in anyway and I just don’t feel comfortable with my surroundings the way they are we have c heads seem to be living into the apartments rent free and they sweat me about some stuff that’s concerning some electric I got sick here for 4 months no one was telling me what it was from I finally found out what it was (from the boiler) they never told me that from the office